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Shakiem Allah

Shakiem Allah


This was taken from an interview done for a local school publication:
by Ricardo J. Muldanavo

We're sitting on a bench at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. I just met Shakiem Beach
AKA Shakiem Allah, CEO at Nu*Born Records, he just drove down from Connecticut for our interview.

RJM- Where are you from Shakiem?
Sha.- I'm originally from St. Andrew, JA. but I also represent Brooklyn, NY.

RJM- So, tell me what does being the CEO of a record company entail?
Sha.- "You know I'm Jamaican--right, I got 16 job, mon. I handle all the administrative aspects of the
label, I'm the DJ for D-Vine at our shows, I'm the graphic artist,
I do promotion for Nu*Born, I'm the webmaster at the Nu*Born website, I also have a whole lot of other
business that I gotta handle up in Connecticut as well, so I'm always in and out of State..... I'm proud
of what we did with our last jam, given the limited resources we were working with.

RJM- How do you feel about this new project?
Sha.- "We're definitely going to take this next joint to the next level!
I have 100% confidence in our product, It's coming straight from D-Vine's heart; and our producer
Mathematics, put the perfect track with his lyrics. I'm sure that when
all the headz out there listen to 'For The Mother In You' they'll be feeling it, Word."

RJM- Where are you guys representing New York, Connecticut or both?
Sha.- "We're coming from the East and we're representing true hip-hop. I'm sure people in Cali, Texas, a matter of fact I'm sure people world wide will be feeling our new joint.
Our crew is from NY and CT, but I think our music has more of a Universal appeal rather
than just east-coast flava."

New: Shakiem has a site offering free up to date hip hop mixtapes

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