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Peace Y'all this is brief history of my time growing up in this culture we call hip hop. Back when groups like Cold Crush Four, Fantasitc Five, Funky Four + 1 more, were rockin on! Many of the tapes I have now came from copies of the live jams that used to rock uptown whether in Harlem or the Bronx. I used to get some good tapes from the radio as well. I used to stay up late every wednesday night and listen to 105.9 WHBI, my peeps in the NYC tri-state know what I'm talking about: [RealAudio] Live from Z-Nation it's The Zulu Beats with your host Afrika Islam son of Bambaataa. This program came on from 1am to 3am, (remember you would get pissed if you stay up that late waiting with your new blank cassette ready to tape some fresh mixes and the show didn't come on) sometimes for whatever reason the show would not come on; then you'd have to wait a whole week til next wednesday to tape some new joints. Remember... The Awesome Two came on after the Zulu Beats, back then I think it used to be Special K and Donald B. The Awesome Two are still on the air but now they're Special K and Teddy Ted. The station is now called WNWK but it's still 105.9 on the dial.

[RealAudio] Whenever I would try to sneak in the club and I'd get thrown out because I was too young, I'd just walk back to the crib and tape Mr. Magic on 107.5 WBLS. Remember... Mr. Magic, and Marley Marl with the gloves on, came on every friday and saturday night. Mr.Magic had the Juice Crew with Fly Ty, Marley Marl, Chilly Q, Biz Markie, Roxanne Shantay, Kane, etc... Mr.Magic used to sad I'll smack that lipstick off your radio, referring to the Kiss logo. Things used to heat up back in the days!

Their archrival, down the dial, was 98.7 Kiss where you had DJ Red Alert who used to come on friday and saturday nights, then later they witched it up so that Chuck Chillout came on friday night then Red Alert came on saturday night. Back in the day 92 KTU had some nice mixes too, some Puerto Rican kids called the Dynamic Duo used to do some master mixes on that station. Remember the cardboard days! I know some of yall can relate to this, remember when you'd take the train to 40deuce and hang out, just walk around and chill! Those days crews would set up on a corner with their cardboard, a boom-box with a dope tape plus another box for donations(some of them used to rack up some cash yo!); then they'd just go offff, the dancers would take turns flexin' their skills. They used to have such big crowds police eventually had to ban them from setting up and performing on the corners. Remember when you'd go to 40 deuce with your crew and just take flicks! All types of poses: pose with a 40oz of old gold, pose with cash in your hand, yall know what I'm talkin' bout!

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