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Divine Allah

D-Vine is currently our featured solo artist on Nu*Born Records.
He has been an M.C. for 10 years. D-Vine, representing the State of Connecticut,
comes with a tight new project called "For The Mother In You" which includes
"Prayer For The Dying" and "Put Me On". This is a follow up project to "Fit In 2 My Structure"
which was released in '94 and gave D-Vine the reputation of being an MC who drops precise lyrics
with a smooth rhyme-flow. His last joint got much love from Industry Zines and received a lot of
underground air play Nation wide.

For the Born-Born...

In 1999 D-Vine is coming clean to tear stuff out the frame! Word is Bond!
This next project is tight without a doubt. Production done by Allah Mathematics
at Reel Tyme Studio and INS Studio, both in Manhattan, is guaranteed to make headz feel it!

"For The Mother In You" is dedicated to D-Vine's mother who passed away at a critical
time in his life. D-Vine was going through mad worlds, Hell to be exact. With the death
of his "Old Earth" still on his mind and after a brief episode with the law, D-Vine found
himself in a downward spiral that seemed to have no end. "The God was cold flippin, yo!"
says Shakiem; "We were worried about his emotional and psychological well being, but the
God Math and me were behind him all the way making sure everything was all right and trying
to give D-Vine all the support he needed".

D-Vine took a hiatus from the rap game to get his Universe in order and back on track.
After resolving a lot of internal conflicts and stress, D-Vine went back in the studio. The 1996 project
"For The Mother In You" marks the return of D-Vine.

D-Vine's Bio

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